Community Development


About the Department

The Department of Community Development shall be responsible for the administration and coordination of planning, zoning, subdivision, and land development in the Municipality.


The Department of Community Development shall be headed by a director who shall be responsible to the Chief Administrator for the performance of the function of the department.

  • Receive, review, and process all applications for subdivisions, site plans, zoning changes, grading permits in conjunction with the Director of the Department of Engineering, and environmental impact statements and present recommendations thereon, as well as all comments received from any reviewing agency, to the Planning Commission.
  • Recommend to the Planning Commission additional requirements, terms and conditions incidental to ensuring effective and orderly community development, adequate density control, protection and preservation of the environment in general, and the accommodation of proposed projects to the physical configuration of the land on a proposed site in the absence of or as a supplement to any provisions or standards established by ordinance.
  • After discussion and review with the Planning Commission, forward recommendations on the above items to Council, along with all comments received from any reviewing agency.
  • Make recommendations to the Chief Administrator concerning available federal and state funds for the Municipality in such areas as water, sewers, parks, recreation, and any other area affecting the growth of the Municipality.
  • Recommend to the Chief Administrator administrative regulations designed to implement the provisions of this section.
  • Conduct such other related planning functions as may be designated, from time to time, by the Chief Administrator or the Planning Commission.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Planning Commission, the Environmental Advisory Commission, and the Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • Attend all Planning Commission meetings and hearings.
  • Inspect all new land developments in conjunction with the Director of the Department of Engineering, for interim and final inspection reports, notices of noncompliance and recommendations of performance surety release, and provide copies of all such documents to the Council and Planning Commission.
  • Enforce subdivision, building, plumbing, heating, housing, demolition, and such other related structural and land use codes as may be enacted by law or ordinance.
  • Issue such licenses and permits as may be required by law or ordinance.