Geocache Adventure "Geocaching 101"


Interested in Geocaching? All you need is a hand held GPS or your smart phone and a willingness to explore! You will use your hand held GPS or smart phone to find caches hidden at 15 parks and points of interest in Murrysville and then punch your passport to mark you found the cache along with logging it on the geocaching app or at Once you have found all of the caches turn your passport into the Municipal building and receive a commemorative pathtag!

Geocache Kit


All of the caches except Haymaker Gas Well, MCP 2, and Veterans are now available to everyone! The technical glitch has been worked out. It's a long story and was unfortunate that it happened on Saturday (without us knowing ahead of time) but we have it fixed now. All of the locations except for those 3 are available to all for free access on both the website and the app.

The 3 locations noted above will be rehidden and updated, most likely this weekend so we will update the site with those new coordinates ASAP and will also post here. Thank you for your patience and, again, we apologize! Please stop here at the Municipal building to pick up your pathtag!

*The Skena Reserve Cache geocode and coordinates will also be updated to direct you to the correct location once we figure out why and how it is directing users so far off course.*