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Mayor: Regis J. Synan

Phone: 724-327-2100, Ext. 107
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The Mayor serves as the executive power of the government of the Municipality. The Mayor is elected at-large for a term of two years. The Mayor appoints the Chief Administrator and the Department Directors, with Council’s advice and consent. The Mayor attends all Council Meetings; however, the Mayor cannot vote on matters being considered by Council. Annually, the Mayor prepares the “Report to the People”, which is provided to all residents of the Municipality.


MorrisonChief Administrator: James R. Morrison
Phone: 724-327-2100, Ext. 106
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The Chief Administrator is responsible to the Mayor for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of the Municipality. The Chief Administrator receives and investigates all complaints received to the Municipality, administers the personnel system, directs and supervises the administration of all departments in the Municipality, prepares the annual budget and capital program, attends all Council meetings, and serves on the Municipality’s Emergency Management Council.



IT Specialist: Michael Hiler 

Phone: 724-327-2100, Ext. 124
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Mike performs the daily operations for the information technology functions including: Cable Channel 19 programming, computer network administration, hardware and software support, telephone system maintenance, technology upgrades and repairs, and trouble-shooting of systems and processes. Mike is a member of the Municipality’s Emergency Management Council.