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As detailed in the Municipality’s Administrative Code, the Community Development Department is responsible for the administration and coordination of planning, zoning, construction permits, code enforcement, subdivision and land development in the Municipality.

Community Development Planner:
Allen Cohen
Phone: 724-327-2100 ext: 105
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Building Code Official/Senior Code Enforcement Officer:
David Jobe
Phone: 724-327-2100 ext: 111
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Code Enforcement Officer:
Mark Pisone
Phone:  724-327-2100, Ext. 110
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Prior to making a decision on the purchase of property or contracting for related work, an owner or prospective owner should obtain written verification from the Zoning Officer of those particular provisions with which he or she is concerned, or obtain an official hard copy of the ordinances.

Murrysville Code and Ordinances Online

Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds. 

For permits, forms, applications, and maps relating to planning, zoning, and building in Murrysville, please click on the “Forms & Maps” tab on the home page.

The plan can be reviewed on-line or at the Municipal Building.