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The forms listed below can be viewed, navigated and printed using the freely available Acrobat Reader software from Adobe Systems Inc. If you don’t already have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it using this link: Acrobat Reader


Accident Report: Visit to request an accident report.

No-Lien Letter Application

Block Party Request Form

Employment Application-Interactive

Employment Application – Word Document

2017 Commercial Recycling Form

Volunteer Application for Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Local Services Tax – Exemption Certificate

Park Structure Form
Procedure and Form for individuals or community groups requesting permission to erect a structure in Murrysville’s Parks.

Park Structure Guide
Procedure and Form for individuals or community groups requesting permission to erect a structure in Murrysville’s Parks.

Community Development

Planning Department Forms

Rental Unit Registration

Rental Unit Occupancy Application

Non-Residential Occupancy Permit Application

Geophysical-Seismic Testing Permit Application

Deck Construction Guide

Burning Permit Application

Wetlands Checklist

Review Fee Disclaimer

Sample Developers Agreement

Time Waivers Packet

Zoning Change_Amendment Application

Conditional Use Application
(Interactive PDF)

Major Land Development Final Packet
(Interactive PDF)

Major Land Development Preliminary Application Packet

Minor Site Plan Application Packet

Major Subdivision Final and Combined Application Packet

Major Subdivision Preliminary Application Packet

Minor Subdivision Application Packet

PRD Final Application Packet

Tentative PRD Application Packet

Agent Authorization Form

Advisory Packet

Outline of Procedures for Subdivisions and Land Development

Stormwater Management Ordinance

On Lot Sewage Disposal Permit
(Interactive PDF)

Building Department Forms

Building Permit Application

Land Operations Permit
(Interactive PDF) Required for ALL earth movement.

Sign Permit

Home Occupation or Home Office

Application for Zoning Permit


Stormwater Release Rates Map

Zoning Map

Street Map

Voting District Map

Fire District Map

Park Locations Map


Click here for on-line registration and payment using credit card

Digital Sign Application

Facilities Manual for Murrysville’s Parks, Pavilions, Community Center, Rental Policies, and Contact Information

Paver Form

Registration Policies and Recreation Activities Application Form (If not using electronic registration).


Berkheimer – Individual Earned Income Tax (EIT) Forms

Ordinance No. 601-02

Local Services Tax – Refund Application



Engineering / Public Works

Renewal Application for NPDES Permit

Road Occupancy Permit
This permit is required per Ordinance No. 96-74 for any work that is done within the street right-of-way. This includes repair and replacement of utility lines and ornamental lighting. Minimum right-of-way width for older roads is typically 33 feet. The width is 50 feet for newer roads located within residential subdivisions.

Snow Removal Policy
Procedures for snow and ice control have been established to meet specified levels of service. The plan is fully coordinated with the school bus company, the police department, and the volunteer fire and EMS services. (Snow Removal Policy PDF 21 KB)

Channel 19

Channel 19 Bulletin Board Application