Marcellus Shale Gas Well Drilling Information

Public Notice of Intent to Conduct Seismic Testing in the Municipality of Murrysville

Tesla Exploration, Inc.
6430 South Fiddlers Green Circle
Suite 100, Greenwood
CO 80111, 

Tesla Exploration, Inc. will be conducting Seismic Testing in the Municipality of Murrysville, with the express purpose of conducting Energy Source Operations, a seismic survey, using state of the art technology to produce detailed images of the geological structure beneath the earth's surface. The testing area within the Municipality of Murrysville is bound to the North by Washington/Murrysville TWP line, to the East Borough of Delmont, to the South by Penn/Murrysville TWP line and to the West by Wiestertown Road. The test area is expected to encompass approximately 9 square miles of the Municipality of Murrysville.

The testing is to consist of the use of Vibroseis Trucks along State and public roads and Detonating Charges (shot holes) on private property where permission has been obtained. Residents may call the toll-free number below for more information or if they have any questions 888-366-4057.

The Agenda Briefing for the Oil and Gas Lease Offer for Murrysville Community Park, as discussed at the January 22, 2014, Council Meeting is available by clicking on the link below:

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