Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission shall make recommendations to Council, the Mayor and the Chief Administrator pertaining to recreation programs and the purchase, development, maintenance, proposed uses, supervision and regulation of public park and recreation areas and facilities located in the Municipality.

The duties shall be to:

  • Act in an advisory capacity in matters relating to parks and recreation
  • Cooperate with other governmental agencies and civic groups to advance the development of parks and recreation programs in the Municipality
  • Recommend policies pertaining to all municipal parks and recreation matters within the Municipality
  • Define the objectives of public park and recreation services and recommend plans and general policies harmonizing with them
  • Make recommendations concerning a comprehensive system of recreation and park areas, facilities and programs to meet the needs of residents of the Municipality
  • Review and make recommendations concerning problems of development of recreation areas, facilities, programs and improved recreation services
  • Make recommendations on rules and regulations and practices concerning the utilization of programs and facilities and the schedule of fees for programs and facilities
  • Maintain and update annually a master plan of parks, recreation areas and facilities within the Municipality, and such plan shall include parks or recreation areas or facilities which may have been laid out but not opened
  • Provide to Council and the Mayor an annual report which shall include, but not be limited to a budget and an analysis of the community recreation areas, facilities and leadership within the Municipality with particular reference to the extent and adequacy of its programs and its effectiveness in view of the public expenditures involved and public needs to be met
  • Hold public meetings for citizen input
  1. Carly Greene

    Director of Recreation
    Phone: 724-327-2100, ext. 115

  2. Mac McKenna

    Council Member

  3. Bill Paiano

    Director of Public Works and Parks


President: Dave Metzgar (term expires 12/31/26)

Vice President: Michael Caruso (term expires 12/31/2026) 

Secretary: Celine Kandala (term expires 12/31/2024) 

Ben Sampson (term expires 12/31/2025 )

Selena Barefoot (term expires 12/31/2026)

Herb Yingling (FRSD Board Representative) (term expires 12/31/2024)

Scott Kelsey (term expires 12/31/2024)

Council Liaison: Mac McKenna


The Parks and Recreation Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal building board room. All meetings are open to the public.


Commission members are selected on an annual basis as openings are available. Please submit the application for review and follow up interview. Thank you.