Parks, Pavilions and Rental Rates-April thru October

The restroom at the Roberts' Trailhead Murrysville Visitor Center along the Westmoreland Heritage Trail remains open throughout the winter, weather permitting. 

Port-a-johns are available at most parks seasonally. The below parks have port-a-johns year-round: 

Murrysville Community Park

Duff Park

Pleasant Valley Park

Townsend Park

Important Note: Sports and Pavilion Rentals

Please keep in mind that if you are renting a pavilion at a park with sports fields please check our 

AVAILABILITY CALENDAR (select the park facility, sub-facility (field/pavilion), and month/year) 

to see field reservations as most sports organizations rent our fields all day on the weekends for games/tournaments so parks will be crowded and parking will be limited.

Park Grid 2023

Murrysville is fortunate to have 15 parks including nature reserves, historic sites and sports fields, many of which have pavilions and facilities available for rent for picnics and events. 

Pavilion Rental Rates: 

Pavilions can be reserved online or by printing applications and submitting them with your payments to the municipal building.

Security Deposits:

Security Deposits are required for all rentals and are in addition to the rental fees. Security deposits must be provided to the Municipal Offices by mail or in person with 3 days of making your reservation. Checks and cash are accepted. Checks can be made out to the Municipality of Murrysville The security deposits are held until after your event. After inspection of the facility that was rented, your security deposit will be returned to your or shredded (renter's choice) as long as no damages were incurred or additional cleaning is required of the facility. If damages were found or additional cleaning is required, you will be contacted regarding your security deposit and how it will be used to cover these costs.

Resident RateNon-Resident/Commercial Rates
$50.00 per day$100.00 per day
Security Deposit: $200.00Security Deposit: $200.00
Electric Fee (where applicable): $10.00Electric Fee (where applicable): $10.00
Leftwich Pavilion Concession Stand: $100.00Leftwich Pavilion Concession Stand: $100.00

Cancellation Policy

If your event is cancelled 30 days or less of event date, rental fees will not be refunded. If your event is cancelled outside of 30 days of event date, rental fees will be refunded by check.

Alcohol Permits:

Alcohol permit applications only apply to Sardis Park and Townsend Park and can be completed during the online reservation process. Printable applications are available here and should be submitted with your pavilion rental applications and applicable fee payments. Alcohol permits require approval from the Chief Administrator and an additional security deposit must be provided. 

Alcohol Permit Process**These fees are in addition to the above pavilion rental fees. 
Application Fee: $50.00
Security Deposit: $350.00

Photos, online reservations and additional information are available in the park links below:

Westmoreland Heritage Trail:

Roberts’ Trailhead Murrysville Visitors Center

Community Parks:

Duff Park  162.75 acres

Pleasant Valley Park  260.11 acres

Sardis Park  10.64 acres

Townsend Park  160.71 acres

Murrysville Community Park  305.94 acres

For your reference, the map below depicts locations of the pavilions and sports fields at Murrysville Community Park. 

MCP Complete Map

Neighborhood Parks:

Bear Hollow Park  41.10 acres

Chambers Park  5.69 acres

Heritage Park  4.22 acres

Kovalczik Park  30.12 acres

Pedora Park  7.25 acres

Nature Reserves:

Lilian Kellman Reserve  56.58 acres

Peter J. and Victoria Skena Reserve  21.79 acres

Historic Sites:

Staymates Log Cabin  11.80 acres

Staymates front Opens in new window

Enjoy this beautiful brochure about the Hoey Staymates Cabin, provided by the Murrysville Historical Preservation Society 

Sports Fields:

Veterans and Beckwith Sports Fields  6 acres

Royal Highlands ball field (no longer maintained)